Air Freight from China to Malaysia

Air freight shipping is the logistical movement of goods through, you guessed it, airplanes.

Air freight from China to Malaysia is an ideal option for importers who need to get their goods shipped quickly and import sensitive materials or where freight metering prohibits express shipping costs.

It is important to remember that air freight offers from China to Malaysia are not usually all inclusive or door-to-door. This means that the importer is primarily responsible for the logistics to and from the airport, and also providing Chinese customs documents for clearance. This is all on top any potential processing fees or duties upon its arrival from China to Malaysia.

Alternatively, engaging with professional agents that provide consolidated shipping services like GME Logistics can assist you with these additional door-to-door import services while benefiting from lower shipping costs. Even if you purchase from different sellers, we will arrange warehousing to ship all your goods in one shipment. In addition, guided imports offer the best price guarantee to all importers when they request a quote from China.

How long does air freight from China to Malaysia take?

Air travel from China to Malaysia can take anywhere from 4-7 days. The exact time depends on the transport time from the factory to the original airport, the customs clearance time and the transit from the airport of arrival to the destination. Nevertheless, professionals will ensure that the process is done quickly and efficiently.

What are the fees involved for China to Malaysia Air Freight?

Air freight fees from China to Malaysia are per cargo and are based on a few factors. This means that a load of at least 300 kg is the cheapest for this type of transport. You may refer to our Delivery and Service Fee page for more detailed information.