Sea Freight Shipping From China to Malaysia

Sea freight shipping from China to Malaysia involves shipping goods via containers on massive cargo ships. Sea freight is an ideal way to transport large, less urgent cargo and gives you the flexibility to pack this freight into a container before it is shipped. This is why sea freight is also some of the most popular logistical solutions worldwide.

Shipping costs from China to Malaysia will vary depending on several factors such as logistical cost at departure and arrival ports, door-to-door courier services and also customs clearance. In addition some goods may need further processing before shipping. Costs might be incurred depending on whether the goods need to be stored, reassembled and repacked before being loaded onto the ship. All of these conditions are determined by the shipping price of the shipping contract.

Sea freight shipping from China to Malaysia can be mainly categorised into two types, LCL (less than one container) or FCL (full container).

LCL from China to Malaysia

If the product dimensions are 1 to 15 cubic meters, shipping LCL (or less than one container) from China to Malaysia is ideal. For LCL shipments, the goods are unloaded upon arrival at the place of origin and loaded into a container shared with the goods of other importers.

FCL from China to Malaysia

FCL (or full container) shipping from China to Malaysia is ideal when the cargo exceeds 15 cubic meters. When the FCL is shipped, the goods are loaded into their own container to minimize the risk of damage to the goods.

How long does sea freight from China to Malaysia take?

Sea freight delivery from China to Malaysia will take 8-14 days. It also depends on some factors such as customs clearance.

How much is the shipping fee for sea freight from China to Malaysia?

Shipping prices from China to Malaysia vary from season to season, and also whether you are going by LCL or FCL shipping. For more detailed information on shipping fees, do refer to our Delivery & Service Fees page.